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King’s College

Bringing 140 years of outstanding
British education to Riyadh, for children aged 3 to 18.

The first British private school to establish in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Conveniently located in Diriyah, King’s College Riyadh welcomed our first pupils in August 2021. In our first year, we are accepting  children from Pre-school to Year 3 (ages 3 to 8), eventually opening through to Year 13 (age 18) to ensure pupils can complete their full school education at King’s College Riyadh. Our school is fully co-educational (mixed boys and girls classes) from Pre-School to Year 6.

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I am honoured to have the role of Headmaster at King’s College Riyadh and lead a team of outstanding teachers, providing an all-round education for our pupils. King’s College in Riyadh brings the culture, ethos and values of an outstanding British private independent school to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

King’s College Riyadh fosters an inspiring and caring environment, where every child is encouraged to fulfil their potential, whether in academia, sports, music, or the arts.

Learning takes place inside and outside the classroom, led by highly qualified teachers using an approach that nurtures curiosity, creativity, and a passion for learning.

I look forward to meeting you personally and welcoming you to the Kings College Riyadh community.

Nicholas Gunn (BA, PGCE, CELTA, NPQH)

Headmaster, King’s College Riyadh

Why King’s College Riyadh

A pupil educated at King’s College Riyadh is well-rounded, ambitious and confident. They are equipped with the skills and qualities needed to tackle complex challenges and grow into leaders of the future.

140 Years of
educational excellence

King’s College Riyadh is the first school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be partnered by a prestigious UK private school. Pupils at King’s College Riyadh benefit from 140 years of history, tradition and educational expertise.

All-round British

King’s College Riyadh delivers a truly all-round curriculum, based on that of King’s UK but adapted to the context of Riyadh. Academic progress is made alongside the development of new skills and interests through sport, music, the arts and a range of other activities.

Subject specialist approach

In most schools, general class teachers cover all subjects to year 6. Uniquely, at Kings College Riyadh, alongside class subjects taught by our passionate teachers with UK recognised training and qualifications, we offer subject specialist teaching in Arabic, Music and Physical Education from age 3 throughout your child’s education.

Saudi culture and
Arabic language

The King’s approach is tailored to fit with our local Riyadh setting. Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Social Studies are central components of our curriculum. Arabic language, for instance, is offered from Pre-School and delivered by subject specialist teachers.

King’s College values

Academic focus

To enable all children to realise their full academic potential and instil an enthusiastic and engaging approach to lifelong learning.


To inspire children to develop an intellectual curiosity that extends beyond the curriculum into the world around them.

Care for others

To instil an understanding that strong communities are built on a sense of responsibility and commitment to the service of others.

Respect and tolerance

To develop an appreciation of human diversity and the promotion of an inclusive spirit with respect to others.


To create a culture of self-discipline in which children increasingly take responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and involvement in wider opportunities.

Leadership and enterprise

To encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration to equip children as potential leaders of the future.

Location and campus

Situated within minutes of the King Khalid Road in Diriyah, King’s College Riyadh is extremely well located and easily accessible from most parts of the city.

Our campus has been redesigned and developed by award winning architects to offer the highest quality facilities and learning environment to our pupils. Our school layout creates an innovative and contemporary space, which focusses on harnessing and promoting interaction between all users and visitors to the school.

The campus includes two indoor sports halls, a mixed-use outdoor sports pitch, a multi-use central atrium, science laboratories, a dedicated library, IT lab, art and music studios, and specialist Early Years play areas.

KCR Atrium

King’s College UK

King’s College UK is over 140 years old at its current campus, but its roots can be traced back over 600 years to the 16th century. King’s is the flagship school of the well-respected Woodard Group whose founder, Nathaniel Woodard, created a series of schools offering modern teaching, with an all-round approach.

Each year pupils graduate from King’s to some of the UK’s most prestigious universities including Oxford, Cambridge, King’s College London, University College London, and the Russell Group network, as well as international destinations such as the United States.

Enrol your child at King’s College Riyadh

Children who join King’s Riyadh will leave as well-rounded young adults, having fulfilled their potential and having gained a place at the UK, US, or local university of their choice. They will have been prepared for life beyond school and will be able to contribute positively to society.